Design project

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Design project: from 4000 ₽ / m2

3+ months

We develop a detailed design project: from a dimensional plan of the premises to 3D visualization and a complete set of working documentation for the construction team.

  • Our work begins with measurements and photo documentation of the space. This is accompanied by a meeting with the client, in order to discuss his or her wishes and requirements for the future interior. Using our look-book pictures featuring style and color scheme as a basis for discussion, we decide with the client on how each room will be fitted out. A detailed Project Brief (technical specifications) is drawn up and signed.

  •  The next step is to make a Sketch Design. Here we present the client with several space-planning options, along with a visual collages illustrating the stylistic approach, colour scheme, and ideas for future interiors with the selection of finishing materials, equipment and furniture.

  • Once the client has approved the Sketch Design, we will create a photo-realistic 3D visualisation of the project according to the selected space-planning option.

  • A Working Design is created after the approval of 3D visualisation. It includes the complete set of working documentation required to implement the design project.

The cost of developing a design project depends on the size of the premises and the complexity of the project!

* It is possible to compose an individual package of services directly from your needs!

* We will be able to recommend you a proven construction team!

Project package


1. Measurement plan

2. Planning solution

3. Demolition plan

4. Installation plan

5. Plan of doors and windows

6. Radiator plan

7. Plan of plumbing connections

8. Technical documentation for plumbing

9. Floor plan

10. Plan of ceilings

11. Electrical plan - lighting fixtures, electrical outlets

12. Electrical Plan - Switches and Regulators

13. Electrical plan - sockets

14. Electrical plan - underfloor heating

15. Specification for lighting fixtures, switches and sockets

16. Air conditioning plan

17. Sweeps along the walls of all rooms of the object

18. Drawings of non-standard parts and built-in furniture (if any)

19. Specification for materials for finishing the premises of the facility


This process can save significant amounts of time on the selection and purchase of the necessary materials, furniture items, appliances, gadgets and décor. It also helps ensure their timely delivery to the site and streamline costs of renovation. 

Estimate: 500  ₽ / m2

  • Creating a convenient cost estimate for materials, appliances, furniture, and décor items with the approval of samples of materials with the customer based on design project specifications, with key characteristics, prices, delivery deadlines and contact details of suppliers.

  • Approval of the estimate with the client.

Procurement Process: 10% of the sum of the estimate

  • Requesting commercial proposals from suppliers and providing them to the client. Ordering and arranging delivery of client-chosen and purchased materials, appliances, furniture and décor items to the worksite.

  • Updating the cost estimate and handling the project budget.

  • Assistance in resolving complaints.

​* Possibility to agree on the most favorable terms of purchases.

Designer supervision

Designer supervision: from 40,000 rubles per month

Includes a range of services required for the implementation of an agreed design project.


  • planning and tracking the construction work schedule.

  • regular visits to the facility on weekdays.

  • timely reports on works at the facility.

  • verification of the compliance of the construction work performed with the drawings of the working project.

  • making adjustments and clarifications, if necessary, to working drawings. 

  • introduction of clarifications on the design project to the foreman of the construction team.

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Creation of unique works of art that fully match the color combinations and style of your interior, as well as for your motivation and inspiration to the peculiarities of your character and life.

* The cost is influenced by the size, technique of execution and the complexity of the work.

* Some of the works presented on the site are available and available for order.





Industrial design is love to experiment and present new forms, creating unexpected solutions.