Olga Bueva is a designer and an artist. She graduated from the International School of Design with a degree in Interior Design, MMOMA School of Contemporary Art, the Academic School of Design in Painting and The Faculty of Economics at the Moscow State Linguistic University. She speaks Spanish and English. During her career she took part in art exhibitions in different cities like New York, Moscow, Cambrils and others.


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Publication and Press

2020  Interview for Interlight Russia, RUSSIA

2020 Publication in the interior design magazine “SALON”, RUSSIA

2019  Interview for Pegasus Literary, INDIA

2019 "Harvests of New Millennium vol. 12 № 1 Jan.", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2018 "8 by 8", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2017 "Savour - Art and Poetry meet”, Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2016 "Sing to me Sweet", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2014 "Chords of life. Symphony of the darkness.", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2014 "Blood Drops on Paper", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2014 "The First Few Notions", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2014 "Harvests of New Millennium vol. 7 № 1", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2013 "Reverie", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2013 "The Eclipsed Flame", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2013 "A Grain of Sand", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2013 "Harvests of New Millennium vol. 6 № 1 Jan.", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA

2013 "Taj Mahal Review Vol. 12 № 1 June", Cyberwit.Net, INDIA


2013 Interview for Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - fabruary (pages 14-18), UNITED KINDOM


2012 La Crida (Cambrils) - №1535 del 2 al 8, abril 2012, SPAIN

Group exhibitions:


Gallery ZDES na Taganka, exhibition "Watching the Earthlings”, Russia, Moscow (Mar. 6 - Apr. 18)


Exhibition Hall of the Government of Leningrad region "Smolny", "Anthology of Self-Isolation", Russia, Saint Petersburg (Nov. 5 - 30)

Gallery ZDES na Taganka, exhibition "Krukrinoksi”, Russia, Moscow (Aug.6 - Oct. 11)

Gallery ZDES na Taganka, online-exhibition "We will hang a portrait here”, Russia, Moscow (online)


CCI Fabrika, “FREE OFF”, Russia, Moscow (Oct. 21 - Nov. 20)

MMOMA (Moscow Museum Of Morden Art), “Dismorphophobia, or the war within your mind”, Russia, Moscow (Jul. 17 - Sep. 15)

PROUN Gallery, ART-ALL, Russia, Moscow (Fab. 1 - Mar. 14)



CCI Fabrika, Exhibition “Co-ordinates”, Russia, Moscow (Dec. 07 - 09)

Gallery ZDES na Taganka, Exhibition “Colored is here”, Russia, Moscow (Nov. 17 - Dec. 09)


MMOMA (Moscow Museum Of Morden Art), Exhibition: Workshop 17, Russia, Moscow (Jul. 4 - Aug. 20)


ART WHO ART, 6th exhibition Bread Factory #9, Russia, Moscow (Aug. 26 - 28)

ART WHO ART, Krasnii Kit, Russia, Mitishchi (Jun. 24 - Jul. 1)

ART WHO ART, 5th Exhibition, Park Mira, Russia, Moscow (Apr. 8 - 10)


Bogorodskoe Gallery, Exhibition: With The Purchase Of The Set We Will Return 15%, Russia, Moscow (Oct. 29 - Dec. 13)

ART WHO ART, 4th Exhibition, Bankside, Russia, Moscow (Aug. 21 - 23)

Museum Of Moscow, Exhibition "Moscow Art Communities", Russia, Moscow (Aug. 1 - 23)

Academic school of design, Group exhibition, Russia, Moscow (Jun. 9)


ARTEXPOSPB, Russia, Saint Petersburg (Oct. 25 - 26)

Academic school of design, Group exhibition, Russia, Moscow, PE PA Art is the winner in nomination of oil painting. (Jun. 19)

ARTTOCHKA, Group exhibition, Russia, Moscow (Jun. 8)


Manifesto-ish virtual Gallery, “Binary: The Interaction of Opposites”, USA (Jul. 18 - Aug. 15)

Space womb gallery, Group exhibition “Affordable art”, USA, Nueva York (May 4 - 24)


Space womb gallery, Group exhibition “Capturing time”, USA, Nueva York (Nov. 10 - 16)


Institute of Business and Design, Group exhibition, Moscow, Russia

Solo exhibitions:


ZANZA Space, Russia, Saint Petersburg (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)

Center Of Photography On Gogolevskiy Bulvar, Russia, Moscow (Apr. 12 - 13)


El Colmado, Spain, Cambrils (march 30 - may 17)


The first place in a nomination of oil painting in Academic school of design for the copie of the painting by Rembrandt Peale.


2019 The School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops MMOMA 

2016 International Design School 

2015 Academic school of design

2011  Institute of open business education and design 

2011  Moscow State  Linguistic University