Pe Pa 2019-2020

The serie "Pearly35 Project"

The serie "Silver pink"

The new series of work 'SILVER PINK'. LOVE LASTS FORETHER! Size 50x50 cm. Happy Valentine's day! PE PA Art 



Love lasts forether


White Swan

Pe Pa 2018

The serie "Black gold"

A limited holiday edition series of 'Black Gold'. White Swan - a symbol of true and pure love; Rooster is light, rebirth and opposition to darkness; Pheasant - prosperity, luck, beauty. This series is not only a unique and stylish work of art, but also a giver of love, prosperity and good luck, as well as a guard against the evil that we all need in the new year. Size 50x50 cm. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! PE PA Art


Blue Pheasant

Red Pheasant

White Swan


Pe Pa 2016-2017

Pe Pa 2014-2015

"That makes me fly" or "Glass serie"

The serie "I know you..."

A 4-page preview of the 12-page short comic, “Overwinter,” painted by Pe Pa & written by Jason Hart (story by JH+PP )



In order to unravel the mysteries of strange lights in the night sky, Kolya ventures to the abandoned Russian surface world. When he finds that the Surface is no longer devoid of human life, his presence triggers the reunion of two timelapsed souls, the unmasking of a centuries-long genocide, and the awakening of an ancestral uprising… Sometimes, we are forced to follow ancient footsteps in the path to our own future

Pe Pa 2013

The serie "Trolya"

The serie "Circus"

Other works of this period

Pe Pa 2012

The serie "Searching for the truth"

I am only trying to understand why everything happens this or that way.  In my first painting of the serie "Searching for the truth” women wander searching for the truth beneath their feet but it is, for sure, impossible to find the truth there and I painted “Sowing” where one person is looking up to the sky but still doesn´t find the truth. Then came “Duplicity”, “Reflection”, “Fled leaving the place, things and the heart”, “Together II”, “Crowd” and then I painted “Ararat. Genocide of Armenians” to understand just one thing “WHY?”.

Other works of this period

The serie "Yours"

“I am your"  so sincere, so sexy, vulnerable, so different but still yours.

Other works of this period

Pe Pa 2010-2011

The serie "Through the life"

The paintings of this serie express struggle with ourselves, with our fears and weaknesses and struggle with the world. Even being weak at first sight, flowers can overcome any difficulties...

PE PA 2008-2009


Copies of works of other masters

copy of work by Sisley (pepa,av)
copy of work by Sisley (pepa,av)
copy of Nola Zirin's work
copy of Nola Zirin's work

copy of work by Turner (pepa,av)
copy of work by Turner (pepa,av)
Pe Pa, copy of Willem Claesz Heda
Pe Pa, copy of Willem Claesz Heda

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