The difficulty in designing these apartments was that 1/2 of the space has panoramic windows that affect the location of the walls being built. The layout is designed in such a way that from the corridor you can get to the guest bedroom, which is located opposite the front door, as well as to the guest bathroom and dressing room. The reading area is a link between the corridor and the eating / preparing areas and the living room from which a fantastic view of Moscow opens from the 69th floor. Here you can read, watch TV or chat one-on-one, when other guests chat around the fireplace, which perfectly beats the pylon located in this area - another moment that influenced the layout. In total, these apartments have three pylons, which, in their own way, bring uniqueness to the space. The interior of the room is quite contrasting. The dark blue color of the corridor walls flows onto the wall in the living room and kitchen areas. The door from the living room leads to the area of ​​the owners of the house.

The Federation Tower 122.6 project has two bedrooms: the main one and the guest bedroom. The master bedroom has its own dressing room and en-suite bathroom, set behind a smart glass partition. The wall behind the headboard in the master bedroom is decorated with decorative metal panels. Thanks to the design characteristics of the apartments, the bedrooms are well lit. Adequate lighting allows the use of rich, dark colors in the interior to create contrast. The guest bedroom is designed in calmer colors, but like other rooms it continues the overall concept of the project. The wall by the door is painted the same navy blue used on the wall in the master bedroom, hallway and living room. One of the pylons falls on the guest bedroom area - this is a minus, which turns into a plus after finishing with stone. The layout is designed so that this pylon helps create additional functional zoning in the guest bedroom, symbolizing the boundary between the sleeping area and the work area, with a spacious storage cabinet. The interiors of the bedrooms in this project are moderately contrasting, rich in a variety of materials used and skillfully combine open and muted colors.