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Christmas Ball decorates the GUM-Red-Line gallery's @gum_redline Christmas tree in Red Square.


The conceptual project for the exhibition “FREE OFF” in the CCI_Fabrika artspace.


‘This is a place where everything appears and disappears'. An object, which personifies a coming from nowhere and disappearing into nowhere, allows the author to allegorically present her sense of the nature of things. As a child is born from a closed, almost sealed and dark capsule of a mother’s lap, so the Earth appeared from the “nowhere” of the Universe. This unknown, a huge black hole in the exact knowledge of the origin of the world gives reason to believe that we also know nothing about its disappearance. This is what gives life and in its own way takes it nowhere.


The project for the exhibition "Dysmorphobia" for the Moscow Museum of
Modern Art.

“It is with the pursuit of excellence, hiding some aspects of our personality and overly exaggerating the others, we turn into neurotics,” - Marion Woodman. The obsessive dissatisfaction with appearance lies deeper than it might seem. The lack of harmony between physical and mental, a large concentration of attention only on exterior and the omission of the internal component lead to the appearance of dysmorphophobia. With the awareness of their value and significance, as a person and self-confidence, which gained during internal work on oneself, physical disabilities fade, and often become features and unique personality traits.




Work for the curatorial project of Andrei Bartenev in the gallery
"ZDES na Taganke".

Work for the curatorial project of Andrei Bartenev in the gallery "ZDES na Taganke". Everybody’s vision is unique, sometimes it differs so much that a well-known object after it’s describing by some person, can’t be recognize by another.


The project for the exhibition "Workshop’2017. 
Where no one dreams”! for the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

"Let's go. There is no place for us.” - Katka Bradáčová 


Like a Barbie doll thrown into the trash, people thrown out of society find themselves in a non-place, turning it into a place by filling it with their world. Getting into a non-place can occur both by the rejection of certain citizens by society and by the leaving of individual citizens of their own free will from society, limiting the possibility of their inner world to interact with modern space. With a keen sense of their insignificance, special sexual orientation, uselessness, worthlessness, people automatically begin to remove themselves from society. These sensations do not allow you to go beyond your own established framework. People begin to create a place where there was no place suitable not for living. They endow this newly created place only exclusively with their world, often leading to the end.


 Project by Olga Bueva  / Ekaterina Ritskaya / Lisa Brusnitsyna