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MāNTA collection

The MāNTA collection is delicately shaped cutlery inspired by the endangered species Manta birostris. Preserving the world's flora and fauna is a key to a commitment to authenticity, which in turn leads to elevate the experience of cooking and eating due to the purity of products and the absence of harmful artificial substances that mimic taste and color. If we lose authenticity, we will lose everything: we will lose our roots, our history, ourselves.


The cutlery design is laconic and fluid, it has no frills, like the Manta birostris themselves, after whom the collection was named. A hole, which is located in the center of the cutlery, makes them lighter, allowing the use of the optimal amount of material in their production. An additional advantage of the MāNTA collection is the possibility of hanging them, thereby optimizing the storage space.

The hole in the cutlery symbolizes the cephalic fins of the endangered species Manta birostris, which they flare out during feeding. Thus, the cutlery invite to the table and do not allow to forget about awareness of consumption, and taking care of the world around us to maintain authenticity.

Year of design: 2021

Not yet in production.